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The Classic Metal Show was started by host Wendell Neeley in January of 1996. The show originally aired on 88.9, WSTB, before moving exclusively to the internet in March of 2004 due to a change of career which forced Neeley to move from Ohio to the Chicago area. On WSTB, the show was known for it's all request format, as well as Neeley's development of his own "wack pack" which included people like Rockin' Randy, Long Haired Mike, Big Mike, Little Mike and Papa Chuck!Shortly after moving exclusively to the Internet, Chris Akin joined the show in late 2005. The show has morphed from being primarily a music show to being a "shock jock" type mixture of topical discussion, the best in heavy metal, and more. The internet version of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW remained a 6-hour free for all, featuring new music listening parties from your favorite Classic Metal artists, as well as interviews from the biggest starts in the world. It's grew to have an identity all it's own.

By some weird twist of fate, The Classic Metal Show was approached by the program director of 104.7FM, KEIF in Enid, Oklahoma in April of 2008 and asked if they were able to do an FCC friendly, but still cutting edge show. The guys reluctantly agreed, and in May of 2008, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW rejoined the Terrestrial airwaves on 104.7 in Enid. Since then, the show spread outward, as many stations on the Pacifica Radio Network began adding THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW's Terrestrial program to their weekly schedule.

In 2010, Chris Akin left the show and forced THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW to morph once again. Neeley carried on the show, and in a big surprise, Akin returned in August of 2012. The show is once again as fiery and dangerous as ever.


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