Fang (Lords Of The Trident), Dave Rude (Tesla)

This week on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris welcome Tesla guitarist Dave Rude.  Rude has multiple things going on right now.  First, Tesla has released a single "Taste My Pain" from their upcoming new album, which they are in the studio working on currently.  Additionally, Dave has released a brand new album called THE KEY with his "other" project, The Dave Rude Band.  Rude will be talking about both projects and anything else that comes up in the conversation.  

Additionally, the guys will introduce the CMS world to a band called Lords Of The Trident.  They have been around for over 700 years at this point, and have evolved through the metal ranks through rocking hard and melting faces along the way.  We will catch up with the band's leader of mercilessness called Fang, who will talk about the band's new release PLAN OF ATTACK.