Rock N' Rolf (Running Wild), Don Chaffin (Voices Of Extreme)

This week on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris get all European by talking to German metal stalwarts Running Wild.  The guys have arranged to talk to the mighty singer of the band, Rock N' Rolf, about the band's brand new album RESILIENT.  The guys will try not to engage in the Fall Of Dorkas as they chat with Rock N' Rolf, and will investigate all that is going on in the world of Running Wild.  

Also on the show this week, the guys welcome a band known as the Voices Of Extreme.  While not extreme in their sound, they are an extremely talented bunch that play the exact style of hard edged dynamic rock/metal that has driven the CMS for so many years.  The guys will catch up with vocalist Don Chaffin to talk about the bands new album BREAK THE SILENCE and on just how a band like this survives in the tough climate today.