Davey Suicide, Generation Fuck Star, Pitriff, Heavy Metal, News, reviews, interviewsHollywood, California - Standby Records is pleased to announce the much anticipated release of Davey Suicide's track and video for 'Generation Fuck Star' on iTunes and BlankTV Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The track, a symphony of post industrial metal rebellion, is energetic and explosive.

The video was directed by renowned photographer and filmmaker Chad Michael Ward, who's prior work has included Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory, and Combichrist. Frontman and the namesake for Davey Suicide, states "I feel like visually, this video is what the soundtrack of this generation should feel like." The video for 'Generation Fuck Star' combines alternative individuality and how we all must band together as one, no matter if you are drug addicts, street punks, or getting f*ed with—the video presents the sense of social isolation felt by many teens; rather than wallowing in self-pity, it empowers people. "I'm breaking free from all of the baggage that has plagued me for years and have become comfortable in my own skin."

In discussing the release of the track, Davey said, "Generation Fuck Star is about breaking the mold, doing what you want, how you want, and not because you are told to be a certain way. Fans can see through the cookie cutter bands, and that's why their love for those bands is fleeting. Give them music that means something, and they'll stand by your side, forever."