• Black Stone Cherry - KENTUCKY

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    This collection of southern boys are not the most original band in the world. They’ll never be accused of being the most musically gifted fellas in the world. Certainly, no one will ever listen to them and think, “wow, that’s really cutting edge music”. To the contrary though, release in and release out, the same thought comes to mind

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  • Zakk Wylde - BOOK OF SHADOWS II

    Image: Zakk Wylde, Book Of Shadows II Zakk Wylde


    Sequels to albums, at least in my listening experience, are generally poor. The two that immediately jump to mind for me are Rob Zombie’s HELLBELLY DELUXE 2 and Meat Loaf’s BAT OUT OF HELL 2. Both releases were pretty lame, and garnered attention solely because they were named after much more historic releases in their creator’s career.

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Image: Cannibal Corpse, Torture, Pitriff, CD ReviewCannibal Corpse

Ahhh...another lullaby for my sickened soul! The masters of horrific death metal are back once again. Here's a surprise - this is heavy and fast! Stunning, right? Honestly, this is one I could probably have written without ever hearing a note of the album. It's heavy. It's fast. It kicks all kinds of ass if you are into this type of thing.


Still, there's plenty to appreciate here with TORTURE. First and foremost, TORTURE takes up where KILL failed in my eyes; showcasing a lot of musical ability in the form of interesting transitions and (dare I say it) a hint of rhythm in some of the parts! To be clear, we're not talking about bubble gum, stick in your head Motley Crue rhythmic action here, but for Cannibal Corpse, songs like "Scourge Of Iron" have just a touch of flair that's far more churning and rhythmic than almost all of their back catalog.

Musically, Cannibal Corpse has always been solid, but they never fully gelled after Jack Owen left in 2004 until now. By far, TORTURE is the most cohesive album these guys have done in nearly a decade. In large part, that's due to the absolutely incredible guitar work here. Pat O'Brien and Rob Barrett simply overpower this legendary group's sound on TORTURE with what might be the most fierce guitar attack in the band's history. Listening to material like the happy "Encased In Concrete", you just hear some of the thickest, ripping guitar riffs ever recorded. Throughout the entire release, the riffs are 10 tons thick, while the soloing pierces the songs. Barrett and O'Brien are stellar throughout. The same can be said, as always, of the band's twisted underbelly. Bassist Alex Webster and the nearly mechanized drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz roar throughout. The drumming is just sick on songs like "The Strangulation Chair" and "Instestinal Crank".

Vocally, it is what it is. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher fits the role just fine. He's always been better than the overrated Chris Barnes as a growler. Let's face it though, picking either to lead your band is like choosing which sort of cancer you want to kill you. As always, Fisher is solid and steady as he barks out his murderous nonsense. He's doing his job, although he's never excelled much further than that in my eyes.

PITRIFF RATING - 87/100 - As Cannibal Corpse goes, this is definitely their best album in recent memory. Well worth a trip into misery, Corpse has unleashed a good one this time around.

Chris Akin

Image: Cause/Effect Metallica, Chris Akin

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