• Megadeth - DYSTOPIA

    Image: Megadeth, Dystopia, Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Kiko Loureiro, Chris Adler Megadeth


    More than any other metal band in history, being a hardcore Megadeth fan is truly a rollercoaster ride. This is a band with multiple duds in their catalog, and yet they always seem to rebound. Think about it, they’ve truly had some bad releases in their catalog. RISK was terrible. THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO wasn’t a lot better. And yet,

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  • Anthrax - FOR ALL KINGS

    Image: Anthrax, For All Kings, Pitriff, Chris Akin Anthrax


    Depending on your perspective, Anthrax is either having a career resurgence or floundering at the end of their career. I’m stunned how many people actually didn’t like their last effort, FOR ALL KINGS. In these ears, that was the best effort of their career. What made it great, to me, was the mixture of crushing heaviness combined with some

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  • Sevendust - KILL THE FLAW

    Image: Sevendust, Kill The Flaw Sevendust


    When I first saw Sevendust’s new release was titled KILL THE FLAW, my initial thought was “what exactly is the flaw?” It leads you to wonder just what it is that caused this band to not break big, while bands with lesser quality catalogs like Disturbed or Korn had such crazy amounts of success at the same time. This

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  • Iron Maiden - THE BOOK OF SOULS

    Image: Iron Maiden, The Book of Souls, Review, Classic Metal, Pitriff, Chris Akin Iron Maiden


    They don’t do it that often anymore, but there’s always excitement when Iron Maiden comes out with new music. Knowing that they are closing in on the end of their career, you really do end up hoping that when they go out for good, it will be with a bang. I think it’s universally agreed upon that

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  • Slayer - REPENTLESS

    Image: Slayer, Repentless, Pitriff, Review, Thrash Metal, Chris Akin Slayer


    Probably more than any release in their history, Slayer came into releasing this album at a crossroads. This WAS the album that, in many ways, dictated if the band could continue on or if it was indeed time to drift off quietly to Hell. The loss of guitarist Jeff Hanneman and the removal of drummer Dave Lombardo had almost every Slayer

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  • Operation: Mindcrime - THE KEY

    Image: Operation Mindcrime, Geoff Tate, Reviews, Music, heavy metal Operation: Mindcrime


    Geoff Tate’s falling out and subsequent two years of lawsuits, multiple versions of the same band and overall craziness in the press definitely tarnished a legacy that once seemed untouchable. Think about it. Even with over a decade of arguably bad releases (Q2K, TRIBE, AMERICAN SOLDIER, DEDICATED TO CHAOS), it wasn’t until the now infamous spitting incident and the

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    Image: WASP, Golgotha, Blackie Lawless, Pitriff, Review, Heavy Metal W.A.S.P.


    W.A.S.P. is one of those bands that has a ridiculously loyal fanbase...and good for them, actually. Doing THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, we get shit on repeatedly anytime we say anything that is less than glowing about W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless or any of the band’s former or present members. Oh well...comes with the territory, I guess. After what seems like quite a

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Image: Iron Maiden, En Vivo, Pitriff, CD ReviewIron Maiden

Up the irons! Iron Maiden are back once again with what, according to Wikipedia, would be their 10th live album EN VIVO. That’s right, they are so good live that they require a live album EVERY time they tour these days. I’m sure they will claim that’s how they can reach those that couldn’t attend the tour. I’ll claim it as milking the diehards. it doesn’t matter though. It’s Iron Maiden, and even though someone like me knows it’s an unnecessary release, I’ll be one of those diehards who’s teet is being squeezed once again by England’s finest.

 EN VIVO captures a concert in Chile, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from Maiden. They sound great, as they always do. Working through music from their fairly average release THE FINAL FRONTIER, the band gets a good portion of the required, but unnecessary material out of the way from the start. “Satellite 15”, “The Final Frontier” and “El Dorado” come and go with a lot more energy than their recorded counterparts, thanks in large part to the neverending intensity provided by vocalist Bruce Dickinson. If you’ve seen Maiden before, you know that Dickinson never stops running throughout a show, and yet he sounds great throughout. The now too familiar cries of “Scream For Me, Chile” permeate most of the material as he engages the crowd and plays off the energy they give back. Both he and the band are hitting on all cylinders by the time they work into “2 Minutes To Midnight”, which comes surprisingly early in the set.

On EN VIVO the band are definitely focused and determined to touch on a good portion of material from most parts of their long career. With all their classic material they have to offer, itt was surprising to see so much latter day material performed in this set. Songs like “Blood Brothers”, “Dance Of Death” and “The Wickerman” all mix in surprisingly well with the classics. Overall, Maiden dedicates 8 of the 17 total songs to material released since 2000; surprising when you consider how much history they have. It all sounds good though. The dual or tri-guitar attack of Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers (if he’s even plugged in…we all wonder that) sound as strong as ever, although a bit more raw than on many previous tours. They tear through the galloping number “The Talisman”.

Still, an Iron Maiden concert tends to convert itself into a massive sing along when the band hits on any of their classics. No change here, as the Chileans are belting it out full force with the band on songs like “The Trooper” and “Fear Of The Dark”. Drummer Nicko McBrain seems to be literally pummelling the drums on the aforementioned “Trooper”, and they sound booming. By the time they finish with a 4 song barrage of their best work – “Iron Maiden”, “The Number Of The Beast”, “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and “Running Free”, it’s clear that they had given Chile another primo show.

PITRIFF RATING – 80/100 – I know that Maiden is now a theme band of sorts with every tour, and they have too many metal classics to play them all and still promote a new record. Still, this tour features nothing from SOMEWHERE IN TIME. It only features one song from POWERSLAVE, SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON and nothing from KILLERS. I’m all for promoting the new album, but those albums demand attention. Still, Iron Maiden is always welcome in my player, and I’m willing to be ripped off every couple of years by them with live releases. As was previously stated, Up The Irons!

Chris Akin

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