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    With the release of THE STRANGE CASE OF…, I fell in love with Lzzy Hale. So much so, in fact, that I jokingly got down on one knee and asked her to marry me at Rock On The Range two years ago (a proposal that she didn’t flat out turn down, so maybe there’s still hope!!). Let’s be

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The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at www.theclassicmetalshow.com, conducted an interview with book author Joel McIver this past Saturday.  McIver discussed his new book MY LIFE WITH DETH, the autobiography of Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.  

To listen to this interview, click below:

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Financial politics once again ruins a great band. In this case, it's the greatest band of the stoner rock genre, Kyuss. With heated debates about publishing and the payments from such things, Kyuss split up. Part of them became Queens Of The Stone Age, and other parts had various titles like Sloburn, Hermano and, eventually, Kyuss Lives. That wasn't allowed due to more legal bullshit, so Kyuss Lives became Vista Chino. To be blunt about it, I'm still personally pissed off at all these guys for ruining a band I've enjoyed throughout my life as much as any. BLUES FOR THE RED SUN is about as good of a rock album has ever been recorded in my eyes; it never leaves my iPod or goes unattended too long. I've never dug Queens Of The Stone Age much, and to be honest, really wasn't overwhelmed by Hermano or Sloburn either. In short, these guys legal bullshit killed what I, personally, was digging.

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, heard Saturdays from 9pm-3am EST, recently caught up with Black Star Riders/Thin Lizzy vocalist Ricky Warwick.  Warwick checked in to talk about the new album ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, the legacy of Thin Lizzy, and even a bit about his past band The Almighty.  Listen to the interview here:

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, heard on Saturdays from 9pm-3am EST, recently interviewed The Winery Dogs drummer Mike Portnoy. He talked about the band's debut album, as well as his reasons for quitting Adrenaline Mob.  Hear the interview here:

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Have you ever watched some really b-level porn? Nevermind...y'all have and won't admit to it. When watching that porn, have you ever seen some of that more brutal "throat rape", where a dude literally chokes a woman to the point of passing out with an aggressive thrusting designed to blow out the back of her skull JFK style? Did you ever wonder what the chick was thinking at that exact moment? You have to image she was thinking, "man, this seemed like it would be a great idea before we started, but now I'm realizing just how awful this is and how detrimental this could be to the rest of my life." Listening to Bret Michaels' JAMMIN' WITH FRIENDS is pretty much the same. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, the result is just another horrific example of the fact that Michaels is barely a musician anymore; more interested in a name-dropping fest than actually putting any sort of effort into providing a quality product to the sheep that still buy his garbage.

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I'd like to take a moment to thank the promoters and record companies worldwide. Thank you promoters for doing so absolutely little to expose Annihilator to America and so many other territories of the world. Thank you to all the record companies that just didn't think they could compete with the rest of the thrash bands in the world. Thanks so much for depriving most of the world from realizing the greatness of this band; a band so incredibly consistent and great that, had they been given a true push, probably would now be referred in the same breath as the Big 4. Annihilator was and is so good that they found their hardcore following in spite of the industry. As the music industry implodes, I can only smile and laugh as a fan of Annihilator. Ultimately, it is getting just what it deserves for the way it treated this band.

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Before getting to some words about the brand new Nine Inch Nails release HESITATION MARKS, let me first share my opinion of Trent Reznor and his career to date. Personally, I think he's an innovator and a genius. His past work, in my eyes, is some of the most creative and aurally challenging material ever recorded. Sure, some of it has been easy to digest. Certainly PRETTY HATE MACHINE and THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL were simple to digest when we were all in our 20s with a lot of angst. Other releases though, like THE FRAGILE, were akin to new age versions of Pink Floyd's THE WALL or Roger Waters' subsequent solo release THE PROS AND CONS OF HITCHHIKING; all releases that really made you concentrate as much on the whole concept as much as the more simple pieces of the story that were divided into songs. People are making a big deal about Reznor coming back right now after a five year hiatus. Most are forgetting that his hiatus came on the back of three consecutive subpar efforts (YEAR ZERO, GHOSTS and THE SLIP). Still, Reznor has returned with a release that's being dubbed as "a return to the sound of THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL".

As you may have heard, Ratt and Dokken were involved in a near catastrophe on August 17th, when their private plane filled with smoke and was forced to make an emergency landing.  

Shortly after the fire and the landing, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW caught up with Dokken Drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, Dokken Guitarist Jon Levin and Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer to talk about just what happened on the plane as well as the emergency maneuvers that had to be taken.  

Here's the audio:

Bobby Blotzer and Jon Levin

Jimmy DeGrasso

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