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    With the release of THE STRANGE CASE OF…, I fell in love with Lzzy Hale. So much so, in fact, that I jokingly got down on one knee and asked her to marry me at Rock On The Range two years ago (a proposal that she didn’t flat out turn down, so maybe there’s still hope!!). Let’s be

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Not that Alter Bridge has ever had any problem getting exposure, but there's no doubt that there will be more eyes and ears on FORTRESS than past efforts. Based solely on his extremely successful run with Slash, vocalist Myles Kennedy has all but assured a new segment of fans will be listening this time around. For many, that could be both good and bad. It could be a blessing to have a lot of new ears, but it could also be a curse for people looking for an album full of the bluesy swagger that comes out of Slash's six strings. Not that guitarist Mark Tremonti isn't a great guitarist (in fact, based solely on talent, I'd say he's actually better than Slash), but just not Slash. From his days in Creed to his more aggressive times now with Alter Bridge, Tremonti has always had more of a radio ready flavor which has won him a ton of fans and almost no favor amongst fans of harder edged rock and metal. With FORTRESS, this bridge may finally be crossed. New fans and old alike will agree that Alter Bridge may finally have found that edge that was missing.

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Without question, Sammy Hagar is one of those guys that for the most part can do no wrong with me. I'm a fan of Montrose. I'm a huge fan of his solo work early in his career. His version of Van Halen is my favorite era. Even his post Van Halen era, where he's settled into being a beach bum partier that just likes to write about drinking and partying, has been cool with me. Now though, Sammy Hagar has decided to test even my limits. Hagar has released SAMMY HAGAR & FRIENDS; a record that apparently is just him having a good time with friends. That's fine, but how about not billing back your hardcore fans for your good time party, Sam? While it's not horrible, it has no real use in the Hagar catalog. For me, I think I'd much rather see another Chickenfoot release or a serious effort with the Wabos instead of this mish mosh of songs that are pretty unnecessary to anyone but the guys performing on the songs.

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There's just something about Soulfly that works for me from release to release. Not only do the releases come fast and furious, but they always have enough in them to keep me interested until the next effort comes out. They have changes from release to release. Sometimes they are subtle, and sometimes they are far more pronounced. With SAVAGES, it's no exception. Almost completely non-existent are the tribal blasts that generally are prominent in their music. Additionally, the songs are longer; a LOT longer. Without question, SAVAGES is one of the most direct and yet epic release of the band's 9 total releases. It might also be the best. SAVAGES is super heavy, very powerful, and pure Cavalera. It really doesn't get better than this from Max and company.

The Classic Metal Show recently conducted an interview with former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza.  Nick talked about his new book MEGALIFE, as well as his time with Megadeth. 

To listen to the interview, click below:

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST, recently conducted an interview with WWE Superstar and Fozzy vocalist Chris Jericho.  They talked about Fozzy's upcoming tour with Saxon, as well as many other WWE topics.

Click HERE to listen to the interview below:

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9pm-3am EST, conducted an interview with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.  David Ellefson was calling to discuss the new book MY LIFE WITH DETH, written with Joel McIver. 

To listen to the interview, click below:

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at www.theclassicmetalshow.com, conducted an interview with book author Joel McIver this past Saturday.  McIver discussed his new book MY LIFE WITH DETH, the autobiography of Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.  

To listen to this interview, click below:

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Financial politics once again ruins a great band. In this case, it's the greatest band of the stoner rock genre, Kyuss. With heated debates about publishing and the payments from such things, Kyuss split up. Part of them became Queens Of The Stone Age, and other parts had various titles like Sloburn, Hermano and, eventually, Kyuss Lives. That wasn't allowed due to more legal bullshit, so Kyuss Lives became Vista Chino. To be blunt about it, I'm still personally pissed off at all these guys for ruining a band I've enjoyed throughout my life as much as any. BLUES FOR THE RED SUN is about as good of a rock album has ever been recorded in my eyes; it never leaves my iPod or goes unattended too long. I've never dug Queens Of The Stone Age much, and to be honest, really wasn't overwhelmed by Hermano or Sloburn either. In short, these guys legal bullshit killed what I, personally, was digging.

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